Our Environment

We aim to provide an environment which is calm. Where children and parents always feel welcome and comfortable. We foster an ethos of mutual respect, parents can engage with staff at any time, ensuring strong reliable relationships.


Our nursery we will foster positive attitudes towards our environment. We will encourage children and their families to join us in our journey of raising awareness and realising the importance of taking care of the world around us. We will recycle and up cycle reusable materials. 

Environments will be resourced with a range of authentic and natural resources, these are very inviting for children.  This range of resources encourage curiosity, wonder, imagination, thought and discussion.


Children will have full access to their outdoor environment , which will have lots of exciting areas to explore and investigate. Children will have the opportunity to tend to herbs, vegetables and plants as our outdoor area develops and grows with the children.

Family Learning

Parents are always welcome within the centre and we would encourage parents to contribute to the centre as they feel comfortable,  sharing any skills and talents. We encourage sharing and celebrating significant events and milestones.

Regular communication is a vital part of our service.  There are daily updates from staff, parent meetings are 3 times a year. Throughout the year there will be opportunities for children to share their learning.  We hold family events throughout the year, bringing children, parents, and staff together as a learning community.

Fly High is a team of childcare professionals,  an early learning and childcare centre in Monkton, Prestwick for children aged 0 to not yet at school.

Our team strive to provide high-quality learning and care for all children and their families , in an environment that is safe, happy and secure allowing your child to play, learn and grow at their own rate and stage of development. 

Nursery environments both indoors and out will promote curiosity, wonder, imagination and investigation. Through observation, planning and evaluation staff will facilitate both environments to ensure children are at the centre of their learning, having fun as they play, learn and grow.


The Early Years are the most important years, we are laying the foundations for the future.  It is essential to ensure children are learning  through their play,  establishing a positive vision and outlook on learning.

Visiting the Local Area

Regular outings to the local park where children can access a very well maintained play areas.

Staff and children utilise our minibus and public transport to visit local areas Prestwick, Ayr and Troon.

A partnership is established with Monkton Primary,  ensuring positive transitions in the future.

What to Wear and What to Bring

Children will be having fun and exploring a range of materials. Children can get messy so we have a range of t shirts and polo shirts available to purchase. 

As your child will have full access to the outdoor environment we ask that children have clothing and footwear that is appropriate for all weather conditions. More information and clothing can also be ordered via Fly High.

We can provide nappies and wipes. We ask that parents provide child's own blanket and comforter, which will be located on childrens peg in a drawstring bag for quiet rest time.

Tracy Murdoch is the Nursery Manager. Brenda Pound is the Owner and Business Manager. Their skills compliment each other with a great working relationship. A caring, friendly team has been built with experienced and enthusiastic staff.

Learn more about the childcare we provide in mONKTON, NEAR Prestwick, contact us to enquire further and to utilise our expertise.

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