See our NEWS page for 2024 -  1140 Funded Hours


 South Ayrshire Council Partnership



South Ayrshire Council children eligible for funding for children starting August 2024 onwards - see News page for info


We are partners with South Ayrshire Council. This means we are a private partnership provider.   You must register your child and show which Early Years Centre you wish your child to attend, you can have 3 choices.


What does this mean for you?


All children aged 3-5 years are eligible for a government funded childcare place with either a Private Funded Provider or a local authority Early Learning centre.

You can use your funded hours at Fly High Early Learning & Childcare and top up for additional hours if required. 


If you are with a current provider, you can switch or do additional hours with us to cover your working hours.


Every 3-5 year old child will be eligible for 1140 hours of  free childcare spread over 50 weeks or within term time . There is funding available for some 2 year olds but needs specific approval depending on circumstances from South Ayrshire Council.


We also provide nursery sessions for those without funding for all ages until they go to school - see our Prices & Sessions page.

Quality childcare experience

Our team are fully qualified in Early Learning and Childcare, with many years of childcare experience. We strive to ensure a high quality service for all children and their families. 

Children will explore environments both indoors and out where they can play, learn and grow at their own pace and stage of development.

About Us

Fly High Early Learning and Childcare is an early learning centre in Monkton. Our staff are all qualified in Early Learning and Childcare, ensuring the best possible experience for all children. Staff will provide a nurturing environment where both parents and children feel happy, safe and secure.


Children will engage in a wide range of learning experiences which will promote investigation, curiosity and wonder. Children will be encouraged to make their own choices and decisions, which encourages independence and mindfulness. Through observation and discussion staff will ensure learning environments are of highest quality to encourage investigation, curiosity and inquiry.  Staff, children and parents working together as they embark on their learning journey with us.